• Faiyaz in earthtone by harriet allure
  • Faiyaz in earthtone by harriet allure

Faiyaz in earthtone by harriet allure

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  • Green/ Brown colored
  • 280 g
  • Soy wax
  • two wicks
  • 55H
  • Reusuable
  • Please appreciate that as each candle jar has been handmade in Portugal, minor variations in appearance may naturally arise, reflecting the unique craftsmanship behind each individual piece.

Harriet Allure’s scented candles are the result of a shared journey of the two long-time friends, Freddy and Alex, who were born and raised in Germany with roots in Ghana, West Africa.
Their experience of them being caught between two worlds, having a nomadic lifestyle or simply just missing home inspired them to create a product that resonates with people who have similar experiences. The candles represent the light amid the darkness of life, the hope for a bright future, and the nostalgia of cherished people and special places.
The inspiration for the organic shape of our design originates from nature and a desire to capture the essence of human uniqueness and their belonging. Just as no two jars ever share identical forms, each one of them carries a distinct journey marked by adaptability and distinctiveness.Their jars mirrors the diversity we celebrate in people, embracing their true selves and cultural heritage.